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Stunning Views of Golf Course and Mountains From Unit

Mesquite Country Club

A Relaxing Oasis in the Desert

Desert Skies

Welcome to my website...

The following pages display my rental units - both long-term rentals in Gardena, California, and short-term (seasonal) rentals in Palm Springs, California.  


Click on ABOUT GARDENA for information on the city of Gardena, California and the surrounding cities such as Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermoda, and Manhattan Beach. For information on my rental units in Gardena, click on FOURPLEX to view photos and to read about amentities offered on the different four (4) units - from a 1 bedroom, 1 bath to 3 bedrooms, 2 1/4 bath townhouse.  For more information on my smaller property, which many have said, "feels like a house," click on  DUPLEX.  Both units offer off-street parking (garages and/or carports), laundry hook-upps (duplex) or on-site laundry (fourplex).  Some units come with storage units. 


If you are looking for a relaxing escape to the desert in Palm Springs, click on MESQUITE COUNTRY CLUB which offers stunning views of the golf course and mountains from the unit, pools and spas, and golf course.  For a well-maintained, mid-century 1958 building, look no further than  DESERT SKIES, located in the sought after area of Canyon Corridor in South Palm Springs, CA.


There is no smoking, including but not limited to, e-cigarettes, cigars, VAPS, marijuna (marijuna edibles OK), etc., and no pets - sorry, not even a "tiny dog."  It makes for a more harmonious living situation with neighbors.


Renters must obtain renters insurance.  Owner is not liable for damage to renter's personal belongings caused by, but not limited to, fire, flooding, earthquake, etc. or by any theft, vandalism, or damage, caused by the renter, family members, guest or others.



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