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Bennie Dillon

Desert Skies

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The following pages display my rental units - both long-term and seasonal - in Gardena, CA, Nashville, TN, and Palm Springs, CA. There is no smoking, and no pets (sorry, not even a "tiny dog.")  It makes for a more harmonious living situation with neighbors.  


Click on FOURPLEX for information on Gardena, and the surrounding towns, in addition to my four-unit building, or DUPLEXmy smaller property, both in Gardena, CA.  


Click on BENNIE DILLON, for more information on Nashville, TN, and information on my loft-style condominium.  The Bennie Dillon is a 13 story condominium building listed on the National Register of Historic Places. To learn interesting facts about the TV show "Nashville," which was filmed in the city, click on "NASHVILLE" - ON LOCATION


If you are looking for a relaxing escape to the desert, click on DESERT SKIES to see a well-maintained mid-century building in sought after South Palm Springs, CA.  


Renters must obtain renters insurance.  Owner is not liable for damage to renter's personal belongings caused by, but not limited to, fire, flooding, earthquake, etc. or by any theft, vandalism, or damage, caused by the renter, family members, guest or others.



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